Our History
  • It all started when Dr. Kamal Helmy established Pharmagin in 1980,  With his vast experience and good business relation, Pharmagin Egypt grew & expand to cover several pharmaceutical areas .
  • In 1980, Pharmagin specialized in marketing & distributing  active Pharmaceutical Ingredients from Europe, U.S.A & Far East . 
  • In 1981, Pharmagin started its own Scientific Office . It was the pioneer in Egypt to introduce Ginsana capsule which its finished formulation contains Korean Ginseng extract. 
    Pharmagin Scientific Office gained a great reputation & trust in Egypt as well as abroad. From then Pharmagin Egypt has been an agent to many Pharmaceutical finished formulation manufacturers as : 
    GPL                         Switzerland 
    Lek                           Slovenia 
    Dolorgiet                 Germany 
    Walter Ritter           Germany 
  • In 1990, Pharmagin established its sister company Pharmagin Export & Import.
  • In 2000, Pharmagin Egypt established its business development department to register its own product .
  • In 2004, Pharmagin Egypt started launching its own formulations.
  • From 1980 till now we are heading to add new products & lines of activities to Pharmagin Egypt as we believe that development &  success are a continuous process.